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I have little time this week, alas, so no extensive commentary; but here’s a video of a song by German hip-hop artist Xavier Naidoo, of whom I’ll probably have a bit more to say in the future (he’s both the young criminal and the old bearded guy in the video). From an immigrant background – as can be seen from his skin colour – and famous for spiritual and/or apocalyptic texts, especially in his participation in the hip-hop band “The Sons of Mannheim” (Die Söhne Mannheim). German opinion on him varies between regarding him as deep and meaningful and despising him as a pretentious manual overrider (…let he who has read Cryptonomicon decipher the euphemism.) I find him interesting and worthwhile; I suspect if I were a native German speaker I might think of him otherwise – one experiences lyrics differently in a tongue not your own. I’ll have to write a bit about this one day.  Anyway. Lyric translation below the cut.



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