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The reader may or may not be familiar with St. Catherine of Siena and Bl. Hildegard von Bingen. If not, and the reader is interested in theology, or mediaeval history, or gender stuff (prophetic ladies in a patriarchal age &c.), the reader is recommended to take a look. There are some rambling thoughts relevant to them that I have typed up below the cut. (more…)


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Jeder Engel ist schrecklich. Und dennoch, weh mir,

ansing ich euch, fast tödliche Vögel der Seele,

wissend um euch.

– Raine Maria Rilke, 2nd Duino Elegy

Every angel is terrible.

And still, alas

knowing all that

I serenade you

you almost deadly

birds of the soul.

Discovered courtesy of Elberry, talking of beauty and ugliness.

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What Yanqui english sounds like to Italians; what Limey English sounds like to Yanquis. (Language warning at end.) (And for real Cockney incomprehensibility, acquire the Small Faces album “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake”, from whence cometh this.)

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