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Last Afternoon

I managed to cobble together some artwork for the latest round of Song Fight!, titled “The Last Afternoon of a Woman He Only Thought He Knew”. My submission was this:

last afternoon

Alas, as you can see by clicking through to the site, someone submitted something even better, so this didn’t get used.

I haven’t listened to all of the songs from this round yet, though sportswriters’ is excellent. Apropos of which, the sportswriters peep submitted an excellent song recently for the “Has Been For Years” round, which may interest Nick in particular for its martial theme.

Last week’s title, Occupy My Heart, mercifully failed to attract many political songs (I’m not keen on what passes for protest songs these days), instead inspiring quite a few love songs pushing military invasion or protest as a romantic metaphor: Paco del Stinko’s starts off screaming “Occupy my heart like the Nazis held Poland!” which is an auspicious start to any work. I’d also recommend checking out State Shirt, sonofsupercar, Sportswriters (again), c.layne, Tony & Juan & Adam, and Noah McLaughlin.


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Song Fight!

In recent months I’ve discovered the Song Fight! site, where every week or so a title is posted and anyone who wishes has a week to record and send in a song inspired by that title. Anyone who wishes can vote for whichever songs they like as well, and the vote tally determines the victor (a system which can be easily abused, but as there’s no prize to be won, there’s little incentive). It’s a lot of fun, with a varied selection of musical styles, and it can be interesting seeing the creative ways in which people parse the titles. Not all the tracks are good, but each round usually contains at least one or two songs which I’d rather listen to than most of the stuff in the Top 40. I may in future have a quick overview of the week’s fights whenever else I post on musical matters. For today, below the cut, are my recommendation of the best from current and recent fights; YMMV, naturally.


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