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“Are you mine yet?”

the prophet contemplates his approaching ensharkment with trepidation

Listen: if you fear the sea
or anything that swims—
I was swallowed by the sea
and then by that which is in the sea
and is worse than the sea and what I found there
was God, still railing at me: Are you mine yet?
At last I was, and he let me go.

— Maclin Horton, Jonah

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Jeder Engel ist schrecklich. Und dennoch, weh mir,

ansing ich euch, fast tödliche Vögel der Seele,

wissend um euch.

– Raine Maria Rilke, 2nd Duino Elegy

Every angel is terrible.

And still, alas

knowing all that

I serenade you

you almost deadly

birds of the soul.

Discovered courtesy of Elberry, talking of beauty and ugliness.

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