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The Waterboys are a band I like a little bit: a Celtic rock group, formed in Scotland by lead singer-songwriter Mike Scott in the early 80’s, dissolving in the early 90’s, reforming with much of the original lineup replaced just before the millenium. Like Hawkwind, which has been going for decades and is now basically “Dave Brock plus whoever’s tagging along”, the Waterboys are basically “Mike Scott plus musical companions”, and Scott has even said as much.

The Waterboys have always benefitted from pretty good tunes, but harmonically they tend to be pretty simple. Their music lives from the lyrics, and – particularly in the earlier times – from the immense energy put into the singing and performance. Mike Scott was, back then, a raging pagan, albeit one who liked C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald a lot; since then he’s moved more in a monotheistic direction and is these days a bit of a syncretist. Their best album, “This is the Sea”, showcases the early pagan intensity quite heavily in “The Pan Within”; the song “The Whole of the Moon” was released as a single, though failed to climb the charts partly because Mike Scott didn’t want to lipsynch on Top of the Pops; and the 6 other tracks show varying degrees of power and rage and elemental wildness. My favourite of them all is this one: (more…)


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