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Random sketch

Alas, I’m flathunting at the moment, so the picture I wanted to have done this week isn’t done. So this week, instead, I present an outtake from another project – a first draught of a page, in which the stated requirement was simply for a girl to go into a guitar shop and buy a guitar. That the guitar might have an infernal agenda of its own was eventually deemed unsuitable, so we eventually went for something entirely different. But I think the idea might make for an interesting story in its own right… (click for slightly larger version.)

Buying a guitar

Buying a guitar

(Alternate ending: girl stares at guitar, then says, “OK, but I’m making a will. If I die, disappear or get dragged to Hell, you get chopped up into firewood.” The last panel’s the same, with the girl thanking her mother for the guitar, but the guitar’s quietly wailing “I want my lawyer….”)


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