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Albertus Magnus, Doctor Universalis

Today, the 15th of November, is the feast day of St. Albertus Magnus, teacher of Thomas Aquinas, known in his day as the Universal Doctor for his range of writings, beatified in the 17th century and, in 1931, canonised and declared patron saint of SCIENCE! He is credited with the discovery of arsenic, making him the first known discoverer of a chemical element; although so great was his reputation that many mediaeval alchemical texts were falsely attributed to him in the hope of attracting a larger audience.

I wished to mark the day by posting by posting a slightly frivolous hymn about doing SCIENCE! that I wrote a while back, but, alas! I cannot afford decent recording equipment. Until I can acquire some, here’s a provisional version recorded using a webcam.

St. Albertus Magnus, ora pro nobis! And especially for me, as I need to get cracking on some science-related programming tasks today; I am easily distracted, and it is not to the glory of God if I fail to perform my appointed tasks through lack of focus.


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Having (temporarily) run out of music that it’s meaningful to me to discuss, I post one of my own works, this one concerning toilets.

(…this is 48 minutes late for the”posting on wednesdays” thing I signed up for [at least in my timezone], but whatevs dude.)

There was originally more here but I wrote it when inebriated (and drunkblogging is a bad habit to get into, I think) and it diverged from the topic of toilets, so I’m taking it down and maybe writing a separate post about it.

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