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Last Afternoon

I managed to cobble together some artwork for the latest round of Song Fight!, titled “The Last Afternoon of a Woman He Only Thought He Knew”. My submission was this:

last afternoon

Alas, as you can see by clicking through to the site, someone submitted something even better, so this didn’t get used.

I haven’t listened to all of the songs from this round yet, though sportswriters’ is excellent. Apropos of which, the sportswriters peep submitted an excellent song recently for the “Has Been For Years” round, which may interest Nick in particular for its martial theme.

Last week’s title, Occupy My Heart, mercifully failed to attract many political songs (I’m not keen on what passes for protest songs these days), instead inspiring quite a few love songs pushing military invasion or protest as a romantic metaphor: Paco del Stinko’s starts off screaming “Occupy my heart like the Nazis held Poland!” which is an auspicious start to any work. I’d also recommend checking out State Shirt, sonofsupercar, Sportswriters (again), c.layne, Tony & Juan & Adam, and Noah McLaughlin.


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Albertus Magnus, Doctor Universalis

Today, the 15th of November, is the feast day of St. Albertus Magnus, teacher of Thomas Aquinas, known in his day as the Universal Doctor for his range of writings, beatified in the 17th century and, in 1931, canonised and declared patron saint of SCIENCE! He is credited with the discovery of arsenic, making him the first known discoverer of a chemical element; although so great was his reputation that many mediaeval alchemical texts were falsely attributed to him in the hope of attracting a larger audience.

I wished to mark the day by posting by posting a slightly frivolous hymn about doing SCIENCE! that I wrote a while back, but, alas! I cannot afford decent recording equipment. Until I can acquire some, here’s a provisional version recorded using a webcam.

St. Albertus Magnus, ora pro nobis! And especially for me, as I need to get cracking on some science-related programming tasks today; I am easily distracted, and it is not to the glory of God if I fail to perform my appointed tasks through lack of focus.

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