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Ready to Rumble

"may the Force be with you" - "and also with you"

From here, via Caelum et Terra, who comments “I’m glad they’re on our side.” Jedi or Sith, that’s the question – blue lightsabers are more associated with Jedi, but the current successor of St. Peter does look an awful lot like the Emperor Palpatine…


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The State of Things

There has been a dearth of posts for a week or more, alas; mostly because I moved country and found myself with less internet access (in my free time; I’m actually writing this at work, bad godescalc, bad!) and also many things to do. I now reside in an old eastern european town, marred by the hideous, modern (for their day) concrete monstrosities beloved of Communism, and am trying to learn a language that appears to have been invented in Morder by an especially sadistic Nazg├╗l. There are also upsides, like cheap beer (a euro per pint!), and beautiful scenery, when one isn’t gazing at concrete, and pretty girls, although conversation with them is obstructed by formidable language barriers. All in all, an adventure (which is but an inconvenience rightly considered, quoth Chesterton); I thank God for the opportunity to come here.

While I work on art for new posts, and also on magnetic response properties of molecules in a 4-component relativistic framework (I may go into more detail when I understand what I’m doing myself, but I don’t yet), here’s an old favourite: an obscure Australian (I think?) Christian heavy metal band called Detritus, who released 2 albums in the 90’s before vanishing from the face of the earth. My mother liked this song a lot, which may not reflect well on their credibility for being truly metal, but ehhh, who cares.

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Harry Potter silliness

A silly idea I picked up via Brian and illustrated…

EDIT: alas, it seems that this has not only been done before, but the joke is actually a quote from something (rather than a free-floating idea percolating through the internets) – the “How it should have ended” treatment of Harry Potter, which did it better:

For more similar silliness from the same peeps, go to the How It Should Have Ended site – lots of great stuff, possibly the most glorious of which is their take on the Terminator films – it would be wonderful if someone could actually make this:

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Push it

This is the sound that keeps me awake
my head explodes and my body aches

Garbage, “Push It”: a very bizarre and incomprehensible video, although if you go to the youtube page and look through the comments far enough there’s various interesting theories as to what it all means.

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