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According to the band themselves, the Killers’ best song:

(There is a fantastic music video for this with the Killers doing silly things in Japan, but alas I cannot access it on youtube from this country. It can be seen at dailymotion, which I’d embed if I could, but the embed code there seems nonfunctional.)



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Apologies for the long dearth of posts. I myself have been ambushed by that terrible state known as “having a job”, and am still trying to adjust to fitting my accustomed activities around 7.5 hours of moderately strenuous manual labour each day. Posts for wednesday and next saturday are being worked on.

One thing I always found curious about the Old Testament is how God’s chief rivals bear names that apply just as well to God himself; which naturally leads to God showing a certain concern for brand differentiation to avoid confusion. Two names that crop up very frequently are Baal, meaning “lord” or “master” (and also “husband”), and Moloch (or Molech), meaning “king” – both terms that can be applied to God. Additionally, the very word for “God” in Hebrew is El, which among the Canaanites also referred to a specific deity who was merely one among a pantheon. It’s not surprising that the Israelites often turned to worshipping the gods of the nations; it seems fertile territory for “we all worship the same god(s) really” arguments.

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